Monday, 4 April 2011

The Beautiful - Storybook (1992)

Something on the bleak horizon twinkles like a star - yep, it's alterno-metal at its finest. An obscurity if you ask me, because let's face it, do you know who these guys are ? It all adds to the mystery, and of course it imploded pretty rapidly like a falling star, burning out into the darkness but embedding itself in the memory. The Beautiful are out of time, out of place, and probably from outer space. Imagine a mix of Jane's Addiction at their most wistful and the broody flowery sway of Saigon Kick. Ultra-cool without having to try, it manages to glint but always remain exquisite from a far and is happy to lace its edges with darkness. From the odd swing of 'Cocaine' the band launch into unpredictable stratospheres, combining melancholy with the most uplifting grooves imaginable. Of course, your mind will rarely stretch to such charmed plateau's which is why we always needed bands like The Beautiful, Saigon Kick, Liquid Jesus, blah blah....a circus of trooping fairies who jig from one stone to the next with their cauldron of secret sounds that no-one else is allowed to have. Never destined for radio, never destined to make money, bands like The Beautiful almost don't exist in any realm except their own. Special as well as beautiful. Come on in...


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