Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Possessed - Seven Churches (1985)

One of the band's responsible for the origination of the 'death metal' movement. Possessed were pretty much short lived, but remain one of the finest extreme metal bands of all time.
'Seven Churches' has all the elements of a thrash classic, it's satanic atmospheres mesmerize behind the intricate and speedy guitar work exchanges of Lalonde and Torrao and basist Jeff Becerra had such a unique style over the mic, a clear yet straining yawn of a vocal workout that only really Death mainman Chuck Schuldiner could also pull off.
Haunting intro of 'The Exorcist' has that spooky familiarity and from there it's one after the other, solid thrash burning up the room, 'Evil warriors', 'Seven Churches', 'Holy Hell' and anthem 'Death Metal', true warrior metal played for keeps.
File this alongside early Slayer, Celtic Frost, early Death, and early Voivod for a time when metal was truly dark, twisted and original.
'Beyond The Gates' was the impressive follow-up, but personal favourite, 'Eyes Of Horror' is reviewed elsewhere.

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