Thursday, 14 July 2011

Naked Truth - Fight (1991)

Naked Truth were an angry, brooding mob who made Living Colour seem relatively joyful. Combining the more aggressive elements of Bad Brains, only with a thicker smoke, and a touch streetwise attitude, Naked Truth were criminally underrated and always flitting between genre's, becoming a melting pot of Mordred, 24-7-Spyz, Fishbone (to a lesser extent), Urband Dance Squad but always of blacker mood. Somehow, despite obvious talent, the four piece were never better thought of, strange when one considers how the alterno-metal wave lapped this type of stuff up, but I guess the brand of brash funk and at times ominous riffage was a little too harsh on some ears, although I found it quite compelling. The urban toughness melted into a jazzed up groove was a surefire hit ingredient in my books, especially on the cool as a cucumber 'Downtown' and monstrous 'Tormented World'. Far more hardening than the pop funk jizz of the Chili peppers, Naked Truth lived up to their name and refused to give up the fight. The struggle resulting in this tough nut of a record that has the word 'soul' leaking from every pore.


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